The Professional Edge in Presentation Skills

“A presentation that goes well can be extremely fulfilling for both you and the audience.
And it might even help your career.”
– Garr Reynolds, Presentation Zen

Today’s audiences are hard to please. Giving a presentation, whether formally or informally, is an opportunity for you to make a difference in your company and your career.

Our programs on Presentation Skills will challenge you to think beyond the conventional practices of business presentations, such as data dumping chunks of information in bulleted formats, or worse yet – not reading your audience.

Presentation Skills programs include:

  • How to improve delivery dynamics
    • How you look
    • How you sound
    • What you say
  • How to handle challenging questions
  • How to communicate credibility and confidence
  • How to organize your information
  • How to start and close your presentation powerfully
“Nobody does it better, when it comes to preparing and coaching persons to give a presentation. Lynne has worked with our sales groups, clinicians, sales analysts, and managers and has always received phenomenal feedback from program participants. I highly recommend Lynne and endorse her methods and course content!”
-John Zick, [Former] Vice President, Talent Acquisition & Management, Select Medical

The Professional Edge in Presentation Skills programs are recommended for Leaders (L), Managers (M), or Individual Contributors (I) as shown:


These programs can be customized to the specific needs of your employee group or organization. Programs are 1-2 days and include video-taping of presentations and individual coaching.