The Professional Edge in Business Meal

“The world was my oyster, but I used the wrong fork.”
– Oscar Wilde

Imagine you are in a restaurant with a group of clients, or on a job interview facing an array of utensils, a menu with unfamiliar terms, and an overzealous server. And now, you’ve got to impress your dining companions and conduct business at the same time.

The business meal is really a test. It’s a test to determine how organized you are and how much you pay attention to detail. And, at the same time your dining companions are also assessing your social savvy! The business breakfast, lunch, or dinner is a time-honored tradition to develop relationships with others and build trust. And no matter your present level in an organization -you WILL be faced with this situation sometime your career.

Our “hands on” business dining program will include:

  • The difference between business and social dining
  • The territory of a properly set table…what belongs to you and when to use it
  • Your duties as the ‘host’ of a business meal
  • When to talk “business” during a business meal
  • How to tackle difficult-to-eat foods (or leave them alone!!!)
  • How to politely refuse foods you don’t like or can’t eat
  • The 3 (and only 3) places for a napkin during a meal
  • How to maneuver around utensils, china, glassware
  • Eating soup, bread, and rolls
  • “American” and “European” dining styles
  • To consume (or not) alcoholic beverages during a business meal or job interview
  • To handle the check and gratuity with ease
  • How to handle sticky situation with inferior food and service (especially in front of colleagues and clients…)
  • The nuances of international dining and using chopsticks!
At Widener Law, students come from a variety of cultural and societal backgrounds, some being backgrounds that did not stress proper dinning etiquette or had different dinning expectations than what is considered proper in American business dining today. This program is important not only for these law students, but all individuals working in a professional field.
– Hayley J. Reese, Widener University School of Law, Juris Doctorate Candidate

The Professional Edge in Navigating the Business Meal is a lively and fun “hands on” experience and is conducted with a 3 or 4 course served meal. For ease in planning this event, suggested menus for domestic and international dining programs will be provided.