The Professional Edge in Business Manners

“There’s nobody so important or so unimportant for whom
or to whom rudeness is ever excusable.”
– Malcolm S Forbes, (1983)

Do you think you could brush up on your Ps and Qs on important business occasions? The impersonal tools of e-mail, texting, and Facebook have replaced the handshake deal and paper business card. The result? A decline in the people skillsnecessary to conduct face-to-face business, get along with colleagues, or impress the boss or board member.
Stanford Research Institute, Harvard University, and the Carnegie Foundation show:

“Technical skills and knowledge account for only 15% of the reason an individual gets, keeps, or moves up in a job; 85% of job success depends on People Skills.”

Don’t be labeled as the uncouth coworker or the bad-mannered boss!

Our programs on “People Skills” will help you with:

  • First Impressions
  • Telephone and Voice Mail
  • Electronic Communication
  • Digital Age Manners
  • Professional Presence
  • Business-Social Settings (Business Meals and Receptions)
  • International Protocol
“We have had Lynne and John conduct several training sessions for cross-selling, communications, and etiquette. Our staff has made great strides as a result of this training.”
-Glenn A. Styer, President/CEO, Bucks First Federal Credit Union

The Professional Edge in Business Manners programs are recommended for Leaders (L), Managers (M), or Individual Contributors (I) as shown:


The Professional Edge in Business Manners programs can be customized to the specific needs of your employee group or organization. The programs range from 90-minutes to a full day. Business Manners topics are terrific for Keynote Presentations or concurrent sessions for your next industry conference, annual sales meeting, or convention!