Our Team

Lynne Breil

Lynne BreilLynne Breil is committed to developing great people skills for professionals. For 20 years, Lynne has brought her message of personal polish and politeness to organizations nationwide. A former Miss America Semi-Finalist, Lynne is a well-regarded expert on the topics of business behavior, presentation skills, and professional communications. A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Lynne is one of a small percentage of professional speakers internationally who have earned this accreditation which represents the speaking profession’s international measure of experience and skill. Lynne is also a previous recipient of the Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business award and leads a mentorship program for women business majors at York College of Pennsylvania.

John Breil

John BreilJohn Breil is a guy with a well-worn passport! He has had 41 years of experience ‘building relationships across borders’ for an Internationally-based Fortune 50 company. While working as an International Sales Manager, he has traveled to more than 45 countries, serving customers in Asia, Europe, and South America. He has negotiated multi-million dollar deals with Samsung, Sony, and Phillips and had direct responsibility for sales of more than $150M to customers in over 50 countries. John has perfected his sales pitch to multi-lingual audiences around the world, and has written global communications information for our valued clients in medical, education, corporate, manufacturing, and government industries.