Monthly Archives: September 2014

If You’d Rather Die Than Give a Speech…

…Here are 3 tips for giving a good presentation in your job.

1. Keep it Simple. All of your information should be placed into the simplest points so your audience will be able to retain it. Think the rule of 3’s and aim for 3 main points, not 30.

2. Start Strong – End Strong. Remember the primacy-recency theory that shows people are more apt to remember what they hear first and what they hear last. Use an “attention-getter” in your introduction (ask a question, share a relevant statistic, quote someone, talk about an experience, use relevant humor). Use a powerful conclusion: make a prediction, ask your listeners to do something, give them a challenge).

3. Tell a Story. It’s the quickest way for a listener make the connection between your information and their point of reference. If you want to give a good presentation, remember that it must be a little entertaining too. Focus on stories that you would be interested in hearing. And when you’re telling a story, use props.

One more thing. Watch yourself. It’s the only way for you to know if you’re interesting enough to hold your own attention.